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As I build this site, I will provide more background information and firm up the mission statement. Here is a first draft:

The main impetus behind my creating this website  is my desire to channel my online activism so as to educate and empower others who, like me,  are very concerned about the many issues we face these days but feel overwhelmed by too much information and too little time to take any action.  In particular, I want to reach a wider audience that I can via just one social media outlet and also, create a repository of resources for social justice work. See the Issues and Action section.

In addition, I also want a place to share my  thoughts and ideas, quick news, and cool things that others are doing. See Musings and More for that. And, I have FINALLY found an excellent venue through which to pursue my life-long dream of combining my eye for a good picture with my gift for finding just the right words into a business featuring my own line of greeting and note cards. You can link directly to my Zazzle storefront via The WD Zazzle Storefront  page. You will also see my latest card and gift items posted in the Handiwork and Such section, along with an occasional poem, photograph, or maybe even an original recipe or other creation of mine.

Basically, this website will feature blog posts falling into one of the three categories, described in a bit more detail below. As the site grows, I will be adding additional pages featuring social justice-based educational resources and materials.

Issues and Actions Section The place to learn about and find a way to do something to address the serious issues we are facing these days, even if on a limited financial and time budget. Here you will find posts featuring:

  • Articles or essays by me or a guest blogger about a current issue
  • Organizations that are effectively working on fundamental or urgent special issues
  • Links to pages offering  opportunities to make a difference via a “one minute activist” venue

Musings and More Section This is where I share whatever is striking my fancy on a given day – an important cause, a great literary resource, a funny or poignant meme, a heartwarming story from the news, cool things my friends are doing, or an essay exploring some aspect of, say, the meaning of life. 🙂

Hanidwork and Such Section  I created this section as a place to share my original photographs, memes, poems, and links to the latest creations available at my Zazzle Storefront, where you can find my growing line of notecards, greeting cards, and gift items featuring my original photographs and words. Please consider shopping there when you need just the right card or original gift for friend or family. Thank you!

Why the Wendell’s Den

The pin above was created as a gift for me by Susan Porter, an artist living in Jamaica Plain, MA.  Among her other accomplishments, she is one of the co-founders of Cooperative Artists Institute (CAI) and currently showcases her work at ColoringBooksandJournals.com . I was blessed to work with Susan and all those who founded or were otherwise affiliated with CAI when I was employed there as the Director of Development and then the Executive Director in the mid 1990s. I learned a lot, made good friends, and just plain had a most excellent time working at CAI. And, to paraphrase the old T-shirt line, I worked at Cooperative Artists Institute and ended up with this REALLY cool pin!


Thank you, Susan!

Be sure to check out Susan’s work at ColoringBooksandJournals.com    

About me

wendy spring 2015

The face behind Wendell’s Den 🙂

I will get a bio up here eventually, but in the meantime, that’s for me to know and you to easily find out with a few searches via Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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