Why on earth does anyone need a separate Christian Fashion Week?

Draft -No pun intended in the post title.  I think what bothers me most is that this need to create alternative events, and, ultimately, an alternative society, feeds into the sense of “other,” which in turn feeds into the sense of better, or “holier than thou.”  When we see a people as “other,” we are denying them their full humanity,  and can lead only to the most broken of worlds.

Here is an excerpt from the article that inspired this post : “Christian film festivals, fashion weeks, rock festivals, etc., may seem harmless enough, but in reality they are a way to create distance between [Fundamentalist] Christians and the secular world. Much the same as RFRAs do, Christian-specific events foster the idea that separation is a necessity. The problem with this is that separateness, no matter how you slice it, is always going to end badly.”

Read the full article from Sojourner here: