Not new, but a good info source on single payer healthcare

I came across this interview on NPR of a Canadian doctor (from 2017) when search to information as to how other countries sequed to single payer health care. I am still research that, but, as noted in the article, “A Canadian Doctor Explains How Her Country’s Single-Payer Health Care System Works”: “While single-payer is defined and implemented differently in different countries, Danielle Martin, a Canadian physician, says there are a lot of misconceptions about how the plans work.”

Here is another excerpt to pique your interest: “People often talk about so-called government run health care or socialized medicine — we don’t actually have that in Canada. What we have is a system where the insurance is paid for through a public plan. The services are paid for through general taxation, but the services are not delivered by government employees. [As] a family doctor, I am not an employee of the government. I deliver my services in a very similarly looking model to Americans physicians. But instead of billing a private insurance company or billing my patients directly, I simply bill the government plan.”

The entire article is worth the read.