A song we still need: The Land That I Love, by Scott Ainslie

Picture of Scott Ainslie and a link to The Land That I Love.
Scott Ainslie performing The Land That I Love. Click the picture to hear and learn more.

Of this song written 10 years ago, Scott Ainslie wrote: “There are plenty of good songs in the world. And I am content to sing them – until there is something that needs saying and is not being said.

Grecia Cruz’s story needs to be heard. As does the story of the manipulation and victimization of hard-working people by corporations and governments on both sides of our southern border.”

More recently, he shared these words: “The Clinton’s NAFTA agreement with Vincente Fox conspired to allow American corporate corn into Mexico to undercut the price of the staple grain of Mexico that had sustained subsistence farmers for centuries on their own land.

At the same time, America decided to militarize a border between two friendly nations and make the penalty for trying to cross it without papers, death. This song is in memoriam for Grecia Cruz, who was lost in the Sonoran Desert on June 23, 2007 and whose body has not been recovered, one of thousands.”

Click HERE for the lyrics and more history.

Obviously, this song rings especially true as to the situation at our southern border caused by inhumane policies implemented by the 45th administration of our country.

Want to help those currently seeking asylum at the Mexican/US border? Click HERE for a list of organizations that could use your support.

To again quote Scott:
I hope that you will listen and be moved to learn more about NAFTA and the role that US trade policies and globalization play in manipulating labor on both sides of our southern border and in creating the pressing needs that are driving immigration.

You can learn more about Scott’s music and programs via https://cattailmusic.com. He is a fine musician and an amazing Blues historian, as well. Do check him out. He is well worth the listen. And if you love the Blues, you will really love Scott’s music!