Civil Rights: When Any at Risk, Then All at Risk – Urgent Action Alert

Do you believe all people deserve civil rights?  Do you agree that taking away civil rights from any one group of people threatens the stability of civil rights currently granted to any and all groups of people? If not, you should. If you do, and you are Ready to Chip in Right Now,  Click HERE to help ensure that Massachusetts does not set a dangerous precedent  by becoming the first state to take away civil rights from transgender people.

THIS IS URGENT: Freedom for All Massachusetts needs your help RIGHT NOW – by Monday October 22 2018, to raise enough funds to air educational radio and television advertisements confronting the lies being stated on the airwaves by those who do not agree that all people deserve full civil rights and got the  Massachusetts Question 3, Gender Identity Anti-Discrimination Veto Referendum (2018)  on the ballot. [Note: Only 32,375 signatures of the close to  4,500,000 registered voters in MA were needed]

The current law, which protects transgender people from discrimination and harassment in public places such as restaurants, retail shops, and medical offices will stay in place if enough people YES!

This is NOT a “bathroom bill.”

Now are you ready to Chip in? Click HERE

To further explain what is going on: Pre-2016, transgender folks were protected as of jobs, healthcare, and education, but no when in public accommodations such as restaurants, stores, hotels, theaters, medical offices, and transportation services. E.g., pre-2016, a restaurant or store owner could not deny a job to a person because of that person being transgender, but after the work shift, that same owner could deny service to that person as a customer. Voting YES on Question 3 will ensure that we do not go back the the 2016 status!

Here are additional  FFAM Donation Instructions   You can mail a check, but to ensure FFAM gets on the airwaves ASAP, please donate TODAY via a credit card or bank transfer. THANK YOU! Or, just Click HERE!