Put a Face On It! Let Your Neighbors Know Effects of Budget Cuts and Healthcare Changes

meme pic for wendellsden 3-17-17

Is your job at risk due to proposed budget cuts by the current administration? How about your healthcare? Will you or someone you know go hungry? Hoping that a cure will be found for cancer or other medical issues? Will reducing environmental regulations affect your health? (Think asthma, clean drinking water, etc.)  If so, LET YOUR NEIGHBORS KNOW. Put a face on it. Let folks know that YOU or a loved one will be negatively affected.

Post it on social media. Write letters to the editor. Call and/or write your representatives. Attend rallies and bring signs. Put a face on it. Not to shame anyone. Just to reach out to our neighbors and let them know that we are all in the same boat, here.

Of course, there are the arts, science, education, and the list goes on. PUT A FACE ON IT and we can turn things around.


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