One Minute Activist: Demand that Gun Violence be Officially Recognized as a Public Health Issue

gunc control meme“AMA leaders voted to officially call gun violence a public health issue — and respond accordingly….To see this through, however, Congress would need to lift a 20-year-old ban that blocks the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from funding any research related to gun violence. But the AMA, with one of the largest political lobbying budgets of any organization in the U.S., appears ready to fight.”  Alex Zielinski,  ThinkProgress health reporter.

There are a growing number of petitions demanding the Congress lift this ban described in the text of this Credo Action petition page:
“Since 1996, Congress has banned the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) from doing the type of research that would help doctors and public health advocates understand the causes and impacts of gun violence, and develop and implement strategies to reduce it. The Dickey Amendment (named after the author, Rep. Jay Dickey of Arkansas), has been included in every CDC funding bill since 1996. It mandates that no CDC funding can be used to “advocate or promote gun control”.3 While the intention of the legislation was to prevent the CDC from lobbying for gun control, not from conducting gun-violence research, researchers are so afraid of engaging in research that could be ineligible for federal funding that there has been a decades-long halt on gun-violence research at the federal level.

Doctors for America also have a petition to Congress described with these words: Research is crucial to saving lives. Scientific data has saved lives from motor vehicle accidents, sudden infant death syndrome, lead poisoning, and countless other threats to people’s health. Gun violence is a public health problem that kills 90 Americans a day. It’s time to put patients over politics. Lift the CDC gun research ban and fund the research we need to save lives.

The SEIU Committee of Intern and Residents also has a petition that is designed specifically for health care professionals, with fields in which you can describe identifiers such as your specialty and hospital affiliation. From the petition site:  An estimated 90 Americans are killed by a gun every day. Congress has banned the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) from conducting gun violence research for nearly 20 years, and that has to stop. Tell Congress to lift the ban and fund research. Thousands of doctors and other public health professionals from across the country have already signed on to this petition.  Add your name to theirs!

Again, here are the three petition sites described above through which you can take action:

You can read the official statement from the American Medical Association here:

Related to this issue, you may want to sign the We The People petition to Congress titled Ban the AR-15 from Civilian Ownership.