I fear neighbors turning on each other more than terrorist activity

martinniemollerquoteI fear our neighbors turning on each other more than I fear terrorist activity inspired by Daesh/ISIL.

Why? Because Donald Trump is creating an atmosphere which makes hate, intolerance, and the USA becoming a fascist state acceptable to a growing number of people.

I also fear, due to the actual numbers, gun accidents and domestic terrorism/mass shootings more than terrorist activity inspired by Daesh/ISIL, all the more reason to be vigilant as to propaganda by Trump and others.

A petition to ban Trump from the UK due to his hate speech is currently being considered by Parliament! I’d like to see a petition seeking to ban/remove Trump  from the USA, but I don’t (yet) know if there are any laws in our country that would make that possible. But, we can remember that freedom of speech does not mean anyone has to listen. Or buy a person’s products.

MoveOn.org have a petition calling on to Macy’s to stop partnering with Trump.  Click HERE to learn about and sign the petition.

MoveOn.org has also recently released the following statement:
“Donald Trump’s hate-driven rhetoric has crossed a line into fascism. Proposals like the one Trump made today are un-American and have no place in our politics. Every elected official and candidate—in both parties—should feel a moral obligation to clearly and immediately condemn Trump and stand strong against Islamophobia and hate.” 

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