May 25 6:30 pm EST Join the Tweet Brigade: Tell Media to Cover Bernie Sanders!

11150306_10153226084027908_491897043878561498_nJoin the Tweet Brigage on Monday, 6:30 PM US EST, to force the media to pay attention to Bernie Sanders. Whether or not he will or would get your vote, all serious candidates should be covered equally.

Here is an app to make it easier!

And here is who and what to tweet:

@CNNPolitics @CNNOpinion @CNN @Maddow @MSNBC @FoxNews @FoxNewsPolitics @Reuters

I vote for the Candidate that listens to Americans. ‪#‎Bernie2016‬

I want a President that fights for the middle class, not the banks. #Bernie2016

I want a candidate funded by the PEOPLE, not the BILLIONAIRES. #Bernie2016

“Do not underestimate me.” #Bernie2016

The only politician with the courage and integrity to stand up to the 1%. #Bernie2016


From a friend’s post: “If the media will not take us seriously then we will flood them with Bernie Sanders to show that he has our support. We don’t need candidates that are bought and paid for, we don’t need candidates that are afraid to speak on the issues. We need a real champion of the people. We need someone that will stand up to big money and say “Enough is enough!”  We need a candidate that will put food onto the tables of families that need it, and enable lower income people to get health care. We need a candidate that  will fight the government and billionaire class from profiting off of our education by crippling us in debt. WE NEED BERNIE SANDERS.”

On Monday, 6:30 PM US EST, let the mainstream media know that we, the voters, are a force to be reckoned with. That we, the voters, have more power than the billionaires, no matter how much they want to take it from us. That we, the voters, will not stop until our voices are heard.”