One Minute Activist: Trans Pacific Partnership and Fast Track

backgroundThere are many reputable organizations against the Trans Pacific Partnership and the “fast tracking” of this legislation.  Click  for quick and effective ways to take action. Also, scroll down on that page to see the logos of a number of groups that oppose the Trans Pacific Partnership. Each logo links to a page stating why that group is against this deal. Further down on the same page is a longer list of groups against TPP.

Here are two One Minute Activist options. Take a moment and make your voice heard!

Catholics United

Not convinced?  Take a few minutes to click the logos on  Here are the some of the reasons that some of the groups are against TPP:

“If passed, it would give global corporations, including the tobacco industry, more power to strip public health and environmental safeguards.”  Corporate Accountability International

“Fast Track is a bad deal for our farmers and our food system.”  Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy

“We oppose fast track because it’s a path to bad trade deals that put corporate profits ahead of people and the planet.” Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream