A Movement for “Non-entitled” at Ivy League Schools

collegemoneyEXCERPT: Weary of trying to pass as middle class, Ms. Barros decided to “come out,” borrowing the phrase from the gay community. She joined and now leads the two-year-old Harvard College First Generation Student Union, which has 300 on its email list. “This is a movement,” she said. “We are not ashamed of taking on this identity.”

I remember feeling a bit out of place in the Simmons College dorms in the late 1970s (not so much in the commuter lounge after my one semester of dorm life) but nothing like what these kids are facing.  And, what even does middle class mean these days?  I imagine that there are many kids whose parents DID go to college who feel as out of place as to their financial situation. An interesting read and sad commentary on the increasing income divide in our country.

First-Generation Students Unite  by Laura Pappano  April 8, 2015