What’s it all about?

Hello out there!
I am in the midst of creating this blog – but here is an initial outline of what I am thinking of doing.

Who do I want to serve?
People who care about and are worried about the world around them and want to do something to address the serious issues we are facing in this day and age but don’t know what to do to effect change because they don’t have the time and/or energy and/or confidence to do the research or take part in activities involving more than a modest, or even small commitment of time.

What do I want to provide?
I want to help folks discover what issues most inspire their passion and provide educational resources and ways to get involved with groups that are already working for their favorite cause(s) so that folks can make as much difference in the world as they can within whatever time and ability constraints they may have.

I am thinking of a blog on which I – and guest bloggers – write posts that 1) discuss a specific current issue, 2) describe the deeper problems causing the issue, 3) suggest a few groups that are taking action to address the issues, 4) provide a direct link to a “one minute activist” action a person can take immediately, and 5) also provide education resources for those who want to learn more about the issue.

More on the way… 🙂

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